For emergency or immediate information updates follow Coach Chris on Twitter at CoachChris57

Contact information:  Coach Chris Coraggio      423-833-5595      bscswim@yahoo.com

Mandatory Parent and Athlete Meeting  for SHHS, LBMS, ITIS (6th grade only)
Tuesday, August 29th, 7:00 PM in the Science Hill Auditorium.  Park in the lot adjacent to Liberty Bell Blvd.The auditorium is located across the quad from the Attendance Office, to the left of the big flagpole. Please bring a pen. 

The entire SHHS Athletic Department now has a new website, with each team having its own set of pages.  We will phase out this current website, so please go to the new one for the most current information.
The general SHHS Athletic website is: http://www.sciencehillathletics.com/        Click on the "Winter" sports tab>Swimming>Coed Varsity to get to the Swimming  & Diving Home Page
(http://www.sciencehillathletics.com/main/teamCustomPage/id/3748579/seasonId/4281736/contentId/43793644 )